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Meet The Co-Founders


Michelle works for the Austin School District and has been doing rescue for 17 years now.  She has Shih Tzus, Poms, and a mini Australian Shepherd in her home and would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite breed.  She does agility work with her dogs as well. 



Julia shares her home with her husband, 3 children, and their 3 dogs. She is a sales manager for a global market research company. She loves to work from home surrounded by her fur-babies and her foster dogs. She is the "Chihuahua lady" who looks for fundraising opportunities and updates the group's social media.



Danielle does environmental work for state government and has been doing rescue work for 20 years now. She fosters fluffies like Pomeranians and Poodley things and has gotten experienced at surgery recoveries and major weight loss for her fosters. She maintains the website and email inbox for the group.

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