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Small Chance Rescue

Giving small dog breeds a chance for rescue

The number of dogs we can rescue is directly related to the amount of space we have available in foster homes to keep the dogs loved and healthy while we find them permanent homes.  If you’ve ever wanted to make a huge difference in a small dog’s life, fosters are our #1 need.


We will work with you to find out what you’re looking for in a foster dog - good with kids, certain breeds, whatever you need - trying to find one who will fit.  We pull them out of the shelter and into a new world where they are loved, well-fed, and encouraged to become part of a family again.  We rely upon the foster parent to get to know the dog so we can find the best possible forever home.

Success Stories
Little Bit 

Adopted January 2024

“Little Bit has me wrapped around her tiny paws. Got her a ramp for the sofa even though most of the time she gets me to pick her up. She snuggles up next to me at night.


Adopted March 2024


“We are bonded and I can't live without her.”

Thank you for taking an interest in helping us rescue small breed dogs!  Whether you are here to browse for a future family member, donate to help continue our efforts, or just here to see some cute faces, we appreciate your interest in our friends in need.

Our mission is to find loving forever homes for small breed dogs that are destined for euthenasia. In the process, we care for our small friends, providing food, play, love and shelter, as well as necessary vet care - both routine and special surgeries. We love our small breeds, and we achieve our goals with the love and support of those that share our passion. We couldn't do it without your help, so thanks!

Many happy returns!

Small Chance Rescue Team

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